A Last Minute Day Trip to Saratoga Springs, New York

My wife Carol and I were in the Berkshires for a few nights and were looking for something to do for a day. When we looked at the map, we saw that Saratoga Springs, NY was less than an hour and a half away. So we headed North!


  1. Saratoga Springs, New York is less than an hour and a half from Lee, Massachuseets. Mostly highway driving made it an easy drive.
  2. Our online research showed us that there was a nice main street and a few wineries in the area to check out.

  4. There's a list of wineries, tasting rooms nad vinyards called the Upper Hudson Vally Wine Trail. We chose a few locations that were closer to Srasota Springs. There are 14 places to visit in total.
  5. On our way in to Sarasota Springs, we stopped off at The Saratoga Winery. On a scale of rustic to modern, this winery rates as rustic. Not somehting you's see in Napa Valley. We got one flight of wines to taste for $5. There was a large selection, and as you can see from the photo, we took our flight and sat outside under a tent.

  7. This was a very nice Main Street to spend some time at. Once nice thing, in addition to free on street two hour parking, was a free parking garage one street away that let you park on the second floor and above for 48 hours.
  8. This area is known for horse racing when in season. There are LOTS of statues along Broadway, also large statues of ballet slippers. Kids would have fun seeing htem all.
  9. There's a large park here too. This is a running tap with water from a nearby lake that provides the town with it's drinking water. It didn't say anything about it being filtered or not. It was cold.

  11. This tasting room, bar and restaurant represents the Thirsty Owl Winery from the Finger Lakes Region of NY. It's smart that they put this tasting room right in Saratoga Springs. The guy who was serving us the wine was hilarious.
  12. We each enjoyed tasting a flight, $5. Our favorite was the Chardonnay. We took home a couple of bottles.

  14. The main street has lots of interesting shops and reataurants open to the street. Unlike some towns where there are many storefronts that are not interesting to tourists, like real estate companies and hair salons, Broadway had a lot of interesting shops.