A Day in Toronto

My wife, Carol, and I recently took a trip to Niagara Falls, and from there we visited Toronto. It was our first time there, and we had a lot of fun. If you want to shoot up there for the day, there are inexpensive flights. Here are a few of the things that we did.


  1. The view from our room at the Ritz Carlton in Toronto was amazing. It turns out that the city has a lot of buildings that are made of glass, that's quite a problem for birds, but results in beautiful photos at both sunrise and sunset.
  2. I  Have never seen this before, it's a TV, in the mirror, in the bathroom.
  3. Ritz-Carlton bathroom with a TV in the mirror
    Ritz-Carlton bathroom with a TV in the mirror
  4. We ventured out on our 1st morning, looking for a coffee shop that I'd seen on Yelp!  it got really really great reviews so we walked to the street corner that was displayed on yelp, and we could not find the coffee shop.  All we saw were  lots of skyscrapers and buildings.  really wasn't much around, until we figured out that you need to go into one of the skyscrapers and then down an escalator and what you find is like a whole underground city. . Since Toronto is so cold in the Winter, they put a lot of the stores and restaurants underground
  5. Once we figured this out, we found the Dunkin' Donuts of Canada, Tim Hortons
  6. Tim Morton's underground
    Tim Morton's underground
  7. The coffee and a muffin were really tasty, and just like here in Boston, Tim Hortons are everywhere.
  8. After our doughnuts, we took a walk to the CN Tower.
  9. Here's a short video giving you a glimpse of the ride up the elevator. It's glass and you can look outside. 
  10. The elevator has a glass floor. So if you position yourself near the elevator door, you can get a crazy scary view on the way up.
  11. CN Tower Glass Floor in Elevator
    CN Tower Glass Floor in Elevator
  12. The tower is over 1,000 ft  and you get some amazing views of the city.  In this one you can see the little airport that you fly into.  Once you land to take little boat over to the city.
  13. This obviously is the view towards the West.
  14. Now this is crazy, in one part of the CN Tower the floor is made of glass. Here is the view of the street, looking down. You can also walk on the glass.
  15. Or sit on the glass. A good way to get on is to sit on the floor don't look at the glass and push yourself backwards onto the glass so you have no view of what you're doing.
  16. CN Tower Sitting on the glass floor
    CN Tower Sitting on the glass floor
  17. If you want you can even lie down here.  Little kids all around us were running back and forth with no care in the world.