Tips for community engagement in sports coverage

I asked my tweeps for examples of sports coverage using strong community engagement. They delivered:


  1. The first example offered above is a liveblog of an auto race, covered by the Lewiston Sun Journal:
  2. The second Lewiston example is a live chat covering three Maine state football championship games:
  3. Cool! A 24/7 sports chat:
  4. In an email from the United Kingdom, David Higgerson offers some engagement examples from his colleagues at Trinity Mirror Regionals: Anthony Vickers (@untypicalboro), covering the Middlesbrough Football Club, gets strong engagement with the #borolive hashtag during games and with a daily #onthisboroday hashtag, "which invariably promotes discussion," David says. He's also a fan of Vickers' blog:
  5. More from Higgerson: "We do webchats too - this one by Chris Lepkowski who covers West Brom
    for us, takes place every week at the same time: