JRC journalists use social media to cover earthquake and hurricane

Journal Register newsrooms are making aggressive use of social media in covering stories in their communities. The earthquake and Hurricane Irene in the past week provided great opportunities to use Twitter, Storify and other social media tools.


  1. One of the best forms of community engagement during a disaster is helping connect volunteers with people who need help.

  2. The help JRC journalists provided included our partnership with See/Click/Fix to help people report problems to public agencies.
  3. JRC journalists used Twitter to correct and question inaccurate reports from other sources. (The Weather Channel report on a tornado in King of Prussia remains unconfirmed.)

  4. Though that person apparently was alive when Christie announced his death, he later died.

  5. And the public helped our journalists correct our own mistakes.
  6. Our journalists sought photos shot by people in their communities.