What is advocacy?

Stetson's trial advocacy program is the best in the nation, and outstanding faculty, students and alumni help define advocacy at Stetson. Starting in August, Stetson is launching an LL.M. in advocacy. Stetson recently started a concentration in Social Justice Advocacy.


  1. LL.M. in Advocacy: Sample Course Video
  2. Stetson Law LLM in Advocacy - Sample-Video
  3. Reflections from an LL.M. in Elder Law graduate, Frank Johns '08
  4. Elder Law LL.M. Graduate
  5. Stetson has an Elder Consumer Protection Program, offering a resource to the community.
  6. Students discuss their experiences with the LL.M. in International Law
  7. Stetson Law LL.M. in International Law
  8. Stetson faculty, graduate discuss advocacy at Stetson in a brief video.
  9. What is Advocacy at Stetson Law?
  10. Stetson has started a concentration program in social justice advocacy. Hear more from the co-director of the program, Judith Scully.
  11. Stetson opened a Veterans Law Institute last May in Gulfport.
  12. Stetson holds a conference May 22-24 on "Educating Advocates" on the Gulfport campus.
  13. Stetson is home to the Advocacy Resource Center.
  14. Stetson students hone their advocacy skills at competitions around the world.