Fandom's Validation of Nonsense

I can't believe we're fucking back here again but I guess it was inevitable.


  1. Tagging this #fandom and #race in reference to the kickstarter fandom film with Franzeska. Feel free to mute those tags/ me for the next bit
  2. #fandom #race The thing that I can almost inevitably see coming from this thing (and it kind of already has courtesy Aja and her apologia) >
  3. #fandom #race is that FOC are supposed to be forgiving & supportive of Franzeska as she ~engages with WOC in this project/ fandom in general
  4. or that working with WOC will somehow change her racist mentality/ make her better/ provide proof that she is not Becky. #fandom #race
  5. But, at a super basic level, Franzeska doesn't seem to WANT to change, and thanks to fandom's internalised racism + misogyny,> #fandom #race
  6. she doesn't really have to because a great deal of BNFs and Fan Studies people and AO3 people validate and endorse her views. #fandom #race
  7. If she wanted to change, she could make effort outside of throwing herself into #ROL fandom which, from what I hear, has its > #fandom #race
  8. own issues with regard to fetishizing Peter/ erasing his relationship with Beverly/ playing to racist tropes. She hasn't. #fandom #race
  9. She could realise that boosting the work of FOC without adding herself into this mix would be better because SHUT UP & LEARN. #fandom #race
  10. & aside from all of this, what frustrates me is that Franzeska is just one of the more prominent idiots on the GIANT MOUNTAIN> #fandom #race
  11. of fandom racism that has built itself as some sort of singular monolith to its own navel gazing North American racist fuckery #fandom #race
  12. Lots of fen don't want to call her out because they see themselves in her. They WANT to be able to deny COC/FOC while claiming #fandom #race
  13. ~real solidarity because fandom = only democrats or something, don't look too closely, white women really caaaaaaaaaaaare~ #fandom #race
  14. And this is why they will RUSH to defend this project because POC are involved and therefore Franzeska was ~clearly~ never > #fandom #race
  15. racist (and here, pause and just imagine what it's like to be outside of the US, non-white, and trying to fucking engage) > #fandom #race
  16. —I shit you not when I say the navel gazing fuckery is multi-level in fandom— #fandom #race
  17. all this to say that lots of people will rally behind this because it is PROOF to them that white women CAN change, even when> #fandom #race
  18. they have shown no inclination/ have no incentive/ are validated and defended for not changing/ give no shits. #fandom #race
  19. "But she's trying ~at least~" is the rallying cry for white fandom, and "at least" is usually a throwaway footnote in Fan > #fandom #race
  20. Studies to an article about POC that a white person wrote. Clap for acknowledgement, folks! Much try, quel hard. #fandom #race
  21. Do I think she's trying? No. Do I think she wants to look like she's trying? YUP, because putting WOC up as a shield is pretty #fandom #race
  22. much standard practice for white people not wanting to be called racist. And it's HARD not to be co-opted into this as FOC > #fandom #race
  23. are constantly made to feel that the burden of education and engagement is on them. "How will anything change if you don't > #fandom #race
  24. ~help me understaaaaaaaaaaaand?" howl white women, because race =/=gender=/= sexuality (Except when it is because POC don't > #fandom #race
  25. always exist, we just materialise from the ether when someone is REALLY enjoying whitecock to whisper "racist" as certified > #fandom #race