Solar Impulse in Brussels


  1. One evening in Brussels, the Solar Impulse crew sets off for dinner...
  2. Solar Impulse Brussels 14.jpg
    Solar Impulse Brussels 14.jpg
  3. Solar Impulse Brussels 15.jpg
    Solar Impulse Brussels 15.jpg
  4. A chance encounter with a blogger previously contacted through Twitter...

  5. That was an occasion to give pilot André Borschberg a live demonstration of the power of Twitter and Foursquare. He vows to use the week ahead to get up to speed with Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook -- and writes a nice article for the blog to illustrate the photograph he took with his iPhone during the Payerne-Brussels flight.

    Next flight... we bet he'll be live-tweeting from way up there!
  6. Bloggers and organisers get ready for the next morning's informal visit of the plane and hangar, with varying degrees of excitement.

  7. Wake up!