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Texans-Bengals Playoff Game

Wish all of you could be with me. Barring that, here's some thoughts, observations from gameday.


  1. sunday morning breakfast

  2. tailgate

  3. Tailgating was big fun. A beautiful day. Really, the only bad thing is that given the number of people and how long they were there, very long lines for the port-o-cans.
  4. inside the stadium

  5. It was rowdy just walking up the ramps. Tons of energy inside the stadium pregame. Talked to a lot of people who said they cried during the game. I cried. Teared up seeing Bum walk out of the tunnel. Teared up a couple of times at the end.
  6. Before the game, I felt like I had all the energy in the world. The game itself felt like it went very fast but I was exhausted after the first half. The JJ Watt interception happened right in front of us. That was one of the moments in the stadium where the concrete felt like it was vibrating. It was the loudest game I've ever heard at Reliant.
  7. post game

  8. Tailgating was in fine form after the game. Both inside the game and after the game, folks were celebrating so hard that I thought I was going to be accidentally injured through people's enthusiasm. Forgot to eat dinner, so did an El Rey run at about 9:30 pm and saw the lighting in the Memorial City Mall area. I heard about it but hadn't seen it--they've lighted up the roof tops in red, white and blue.