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My Texans Ravens online time capsule

I'm not a scrapbooker, but consider this my online scrapbook of things seen and heard going to Baltimore.


  1. Pregame. 

  2. This game was my first road Texans game. I knew a bunch of fans that were going, and I offered my blog/twitter stuff to help spread the word. Road games across country where a lot of fans can go are a novel thing so we were breaking new ground. My favorite part about the trip were all the cool people I met in such a very short period of time.
  3. Saturday Night at Luckie's Tavern.

  4. Alas, my flight didn't leave until 7:45 pm Saturday. However, there were a bunch of Texans fans that went to Luckie's Tavern that night and told me all about it. Originally, a group of fans got a reservation for 50. Then they bumped the reservation to 75.  Turned out that the entire place was full of Texans fans by the end of the night--some Ravens fans showed up and turned right around.

    This is one of those bars when some womens dance on the bar. Apparently somebody gave them Texans signs to hold up. The Slim Thug/Paul Wall song was played too. I do not have pictures or videos of that but I'm guessing someone does. 
  5. Gameday.

  6. Here's the group of fans I walked with from one of the Inner Harbor hotels to Mother's, a bar not too far from the stadium. It was nice to walk in a group because though the majority of Ravens fans wanted us to have a good time in their city, some didn't feel that way.

    Apologies for the quality of the pictures. It's hard to grab some random person and say, take our pic. I'm wearing the infamous pants. They are red with sequins over every inch of the fabric. I found them in a resale shop in the Montrose.  No picture can really capture how hideously wonderful they are.
  7. It was great meeting so many Texans fans at Mother's. HUGE bar/restaurant not too far from the stadium. Some kind Ravens fans suggested the place. I didn't hear who it was, but some Texans fan did a substantial bribe to the DJ who played "Bulls on Parade" and "Football Time in Houston." I understand there is video. Texans fans enjoyed the songs. Ravens fans made very sour faces. When there's a link, I'll add it to the story.

    The walk from Mother's to the stadium was a little sketchy in points, but not too bad. I visited a number of tailgates before going to the stadium.