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Greg Cosell on 2012 Draft

Here's a selection of Tweets from @GregCosell talking about the 2012 draft class. I organized his Tweets that I thought were of particular interest to Texan fans. Will be interesting to look at again after the draft.


  1. Thoughts about the value of running backs....
  2. Wide receiver. All the mocks have the Texans taking wide receiver in the first. I'm not so sure the Texans go that high, but it wouldn't surprise. I wouldn't be surprised if they took two WR, or if one of the WRs they pick was a TE to convert to WR.
  3. FWIW, I think the Texans if having to choose away from the ideal WR, would prefer size/hands over just straight line speed. WRs of size mean that the Texans can do run formations where WRs block in a formation that typically a TE blocks. It disguises the offense.