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TEDxWakeForestU Highlights

A look at the Triad's first ever TEDx event, organized by students at Wake Forest University


  1. Students from The University of North Carolina-Greensboro created this set for TEDxWakeForestU. Although the letters, especially the red TEDx look like they are lighted from within, they're actually created from cardboard, painted and lit from the balcony to provide that glow. The props on set are all made from cardboard. Sustainable.
  2. Dr. Anthony Atala, WFU School of Medicine professor and Director of the WFU Institute for Regenerative Medicine floored the audience with videos showing muscle strips created with modified inkjet printers that use cells instead of ink -- being exercised in the lab. Then he told us about how he creates engineered livers, preserving the blood vessel trees, and how he can actually print a heart and then get it to beat!
  3. Dr. Don deBethizy, CEO of Targacept, talked about how his company is studying how to use nicotine to treat schizophrenia, ADHD, Alzheimer's and more.
  4. Dr. Paul Pauca shared the story of Verbal Victor, the app he created to give his son and others a voice. He showed how easy it was for an administrator (parent, educator, aide) to add new buttons on the fly. He had the audience say "hello" and added them to his son's app. Now Victor could shout "hello!" if he wanted.
  5. Dr. Carol Strohecker, Director of the Center for Design and Innovation talked about how we need to create jobs in order to create a sustainable community in the Piedmont-Triad.
  6. Even during lunch the tweets kept coming!
  7. After lunch, Samuel Cochran, CEO and CDO of Solar Ivy showed how ivy inspired his product's design and how beautiful it could look on a building. He's also developed a way to determine the best placement for each solar cell, depending on shade, foliage and other shadow casters.
  8. Dr. Chuck Pell, CSO of Physcient started his talk by showing "modern" surgical instruments. We were looking at a picture of Egyptian hieroglyphics. 
  9. Why did Fifth Letter tweet about boomerangs? See for yourself on the WFNewsCenter Facebook page.