A Modern Day Civil War: If You're Not Scared, You're Lying.

"Maybe that's how rich countries do civil war -- shooting tweets instead of bullets." -Van Jones, CNN Reporter and activist.


  1. The 2016 presidential election has left many American's feeling divided, scared and nervous for their future. On the other hand, there are also many Americans who feel that they just won a major victory now that Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States. Tensions between democrats and republicans, men and women, immigrants and non-immigrants, Christians and non-Christians, and progressives versus the deplorable have risen heavily throughout the campaign for the presidency and continue to do so post election.
  2. Social media has played a major role in the 2016 presidential election. Being that our first amendment gives Americans the right to freedom of speech, social media gives a voice and platform for everyday people to share their viewpoints on major issues. For the first time, we are able to literally see with our eyes our friends and families point of view on major issues in our country.
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  4. Regardless of your agenda, we can see who supports the man who is threatening to take away half our countries rights. Politically charged topics of conversation are emotionally provoking since they deal with personal freedoms being put up for debate by the same people who decide what is legal and what's not.
  5. This political election has been more emotionally stimulating than most because of Donald Trump's radical agenda to "Make America Great Again." His ideas and way's of expressing them are done with no regret, shame, or fear of retaliation. He models this behavior for his supporters and they wear their shame-proof coats while sharing posts and blasting people in comment sections on Facebook.
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  7. Many believe it's time to stop focusing on where each other's support lay during the election, and start focusing on coming together to support and defend human rights.
  8. The women's debate sparked a lot of debate between pro-life and pro-choice marchers. Even though the women's march was a march intended to include all women in the fight for gender equality, there was still tension between protestors over who should and shouldn't walk, based on their position on abortion. American television producer and writer Lena Dunham came to twitter to discuss her viewpoint on the issue:
  9. The more we continue to argue our different viewpoints, the more we divide our nation. It's extremely important that we work together to gain respect for one another and start understanding why the "liberal snowflakes" are so affected by the change in administration.
  10. When everyone comes together and opens their minds to why Trump's new policies are so controversial and scary to so many, we can begin to amend bonds and relationships. Until the trump supporter can see things from the perspectives of those who are protesting in the streets, things will remain the same if not for becoming worse.
  11. This past election has left many questioning the values of their peers based on their choice to support President Donald Trump and his controversial viewpoints. The steps ahead rely on whether or not we can come together as a nation and celebrate freedom with one another. If we can support justice and liberty for all and not just some, then the tensions will be able to wear down.
  12. When legalizing gay marriage was a topic of discussion many religious groups and homophobic hate groups spoke out, protested, and made their voices heard. Being that legalizing gay marriage has nothing to do with anyone but the two people getting married, as a nation we were able to move past the idea that gay marriage was wrong and un-American. This was a progressive step towards our future, and in time, people will be able to resist taking away rights on others based on your specific religion or Islamaphobia.
  13. If we can recognize how ludicrous it is to spread hate on people who feel strongly about defending their rights, we can begin to progress into our future. If we can put ourselves in the shoes of those whose right's are threatened by the new administration, we can let our armors down. Until then, we can continue to fire up the cannons with the power of our keyboards by typing words like radical "Islamic terrorism" and "snowflake liberal."