Power in Numbers? Maybe financially.

Money is power and power is money, so how do we use this to our advantage? By deleting Uber, praising Starbucks, and boycotting anything that supports Trump's agenda.


  1. After #DeleteUber went viral on Twitter, company's have found their saving grace: defying Trump. Statistically, the majority of voting people living in the United States voted against the President on November 8th, 2016 While some view this time in American history as a major win, others see it as a new low and believe bigotry, misogyny, and Islamaphobia won the presidency. Trump has kept his promises he made on the campaign trail and this is what most Americans feared would happen.
  2. Trump's potential cabinet is worth $4.5 billion dollars. If money is power, how will the average, middle-class American who want to make a change do so? How do we progress when we're living under an administration focused on traveling back in time? By boycotting the market
  3. When New York City taxi drivers decided to strike after Trump's immigration ban, Uber saw an opportunity for making money. No taxis? There's only one option left, Uber. The plan quickly backfired once protestors got wind of this. Uber became the enemy for counter-acting the taxi strike. #DeleteUber was trending on Twitter and people pledged to do so by posting a picture of themselves deleting the app.
  4. Not so coincidentally, in response to the Uber fiasco, the company's biggest competitor Lyft donated 1 million dollars to the American Civil Liberties Association. Now, all those who deleted Uber have the option to download Lyft, which is a company that shares the same viewpoints as their customers.
  5. The Super Bowl is the one night where it truly makes sense to spend $5 million on a thirty second ad and that is because in those thirty seconds, 100 million viewers eye's will see it. If company's are looking to make a point, this is the opportunity to do so. By deleting Uber, protestors sent a huge message to corporations, and that's that we need your help if we are going to succeed in this fight for our rights.
  6. Super Bowl commercials got political this year | CNBC International
  7. Although there has been some backlash, many viewers are excited for the future now that protestors have gained control of the market.
  8. #AvoSecrets | Avocados From Mexico | Big Game 2017 Commercial | Secret Society
  9. Big companies like Budweiser, Coca-Cola and Avacado's from Mexico decided to partake in the opportunity to show their support for the recent fight against the Trump administration .
  10. Regardless of the big corporate company's intentions for showing their support to protestors and activists during this tricky time in American history, the market has been controlled. What lies ahead is still to come, but for now, all we can do is continue to use corporate's reliance on our support for them in order to gain theirs for us.