The Biotech Startup Class of 2012: How many received SBIR/STTR awards?


  1. My initial question...
  2. ...spurred on by Luke.
  3. Some answers came back.
  4. And an answer to the original question via SBIR Source.  SBIR Source is a good tool, if you haven't tried it.
  5. Indeed, five companies on the list have won awards.  They each have raised significant amounts of additional capital.
  6. Two of the companies are based in California. None are based in Massachusetts. I note that because the below heat map of NIH SBIR/STTR awards by State shows Massachusetts to be the "hottest" spot. 
  7. I wasn't surprised that none of the eight Boston-based companies on Luke's list didn't have SBIR/STTR funding. Boston is doing--or can do--deals, right? But then I thought more about the heat map. Certainly Massachusetts has it's fair share of academic/research institutions that can crank out life science technology to support SBIR/STTR proposals. Is there a correlation between the number of SBIR/STTR awards in Massachusetts and The Entrepreneurial Diaspora Enabled By Biotech M&A, particularly in the Boston MSA?

    In other words, is it more apt to happen that a PI will hook up with a recycled talented team?