Can #altmetrics and other online tools play a role in deal flow?

Can #altmetrics play a role in deal flow?


  1. I agree with David.  You have to be more proactive than just looking at tech transfer websites.  Ultimately, there’s relationship building involved in the process.  It still involves people.
  2. That being said, I think there is utility in online tools.
  3. After putting together the above piece, I came across these articles related to, "Can Tweets Predict Citations?"
  4. Interesting concept; using Twitter and other social media to pinpoint research that is relevant to your interests.
  5. In August 2011, The Chronicle of Higher Education ran an article on the top 100 universities in biggest gains in federal funding for R&D in sciences and engineering for the period 1999-2009. The University of Louisville ranked fourth on that list with an increase of 263.1% over the decade.

    We have a story to get out. One way?  "KNODE & the University of Louisville Announce Partnership: New site links UofL experts to world"
  6. KNODE is an online tool. Appeering is a tool. Twitter is a tool. LinkedIn can be, too. All are ways to tap into networks of people
  7. Then comes the human element.
  8. I'm also interested in exploring whether "crowdfunding" can be built into this type of networking for university assets.
  9. Can you use online tools to target research to interested persons?  Say, for example, university alumni? Or foundations?
  10. Petridish, iAMscientistMicroryza and the #SciFund Challenge; crowdfund nuggets of interesting research that might lead to a Quadrant 1 classic biotech startup– typical "roll-up-your-sleeves venture creation around academic science or a whiteboard concept."

    Then match that startup to the right team. People.