Louisville, aging care & "biotech"

How might Louisville effectively combine two--or more--industry sectors?

byAndrew Steen246 Views
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  1. A cluster has developed naturally in Louisville; a cluster of companies in the aging and long-term care industry.  The community has embraced it as an economic development focus area.
  2. The aging and long-term care industry cluster has received much attention.
  3. According to  Greater Louisville Inc., The Metro Chamber of Commerce, Louisville's economic development niche industries include Lifelong Wellness and Aging Care, Life Sciences, Logistics and Pharmacy Supply Chain.  Each of those can be interrelated.  And combined, could create a bigger whole.
  4. From The Burrill & Buck Aging Meeting:

  5. From The New York Times; "Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure and heart disease are the three most common chronic conditions in assisted living facilities: 82 percent of residents have at least one of them, according to a new government study."

  6. Big numbers.  And, theoretically, Louisville's aging and long-term care industry has access to people under care with these diseases and conditions.  A potentially big opportunity.  Think about access to patients for clinical studies alone.  
  7. And beyond clinical studies, there are opportunities to leverage that population and industry expertise to create new health apps, diagnostics and therapeutics.  

    The cost of Alzheimer's management is staggering.  A huge market opportunity.
  8. Treatments for heart disease, particularly heart failure, are big unmet needs. 
  9. What about cancer and aging?
  10. As mentioned, Louisville has resources it can deploy.

    This is interesting research on longevity being done at UofL.
  11. Next-generation sequencing has aging research applications.  Could Louisville perhaps lead the way in the genomics/genetics of aging?