Altmetrics, access and repositories.

How might genomic/genetic sequence data play into this?


  1. "Altmetrics have always been closely associated with open access publishing:  'Altmetrics' emphasis on openness aligns it with the open-access movement,  whose goal is to make published research freely available online' (Howard, 2012)."  
  2. What about the data itself?
  3. Measuring impact can have value for future funding decisions.
  4. Linking to "open" source data makes complete sense.  But...
  5. So, perhaps a need for more sharing.  And, repositories to facilitate the storage and sharing of data.
  6. Some universities have created institutional repositories.
  7. "One of the major motivations for faculty to deposit into an OA repository is to increase the visibility of their publications. The usage statistics supplied by repository services can be very impressive and act as a strong incentive for researchers to contribute. Many repositories have found that usage information supplied by the repository makes a big impression on authors, and this serves as a valuable incentive for them to contribute more content into the repository."
  8. Indeed, some universities are playing the role of publisher.
  9. "University administrators are increasingly trying to find new ways to measure the impact of the scholarly output of their faculty, students and researchers through quantitative means."
  10. "As access to scholarly content online gets easier, librarians feel more pressure to be 'central to the research process again,' and altmetrics can help, says [Plum Analytics'] Mike Buschman."