#Altmetrics. Opportunity for guerilla marketing?

New metrics for scholarly research, and more...!


  1. I've been a sideline follower of altmetrics for some time, but this tweet from the 2012 Atlas Venture Life Sciences Retreat got me thinking about altmetrics in more depth.
  2. As background, PLOS has a good overview of altmetrics.

  3. The Chronicle of Higher Education ran this story on altmetrics in January 2012.  "Research that used to take months or years to reach readers can now find them almost instantly via blogs and Twitter," it notes.  Getting published and cited takes some time. 
  4. Regarding the above #AtlasLSR tweet, I asked Katrine Bosley:
  5. She replied:
  6. I then asked:
  7. She responded:

  8. Are VCs and/or the biotech industry looking at altmetrics?  I suspect some are paying attention, but maybe not everyone at this point.  Altmetrics are still fairly new.  And that’s what I find interesting as a developing phenomenon.  I believe that altmetrics will be increasingly important.
  9. Related:
  10. I think altmetrics, open access and reproducibility are intertwined.

  11. For someone working on building biotech startups straight out of a university, altmetrics afford a way to promote research and measure it, but it’s not impact factor, it's who is reached.
  12. Reach” is important.  This is from Plum Analytics’ website; “Find out how people are interacting with, commenting on, and sharing your research—don't wait for years to see what impact your research is having.”

  13. I want to know how much "reach" a particular PI gets.  Related, I'd like to know who's doing the viewing.  For example, is industry paying attention to what a PI is doing?  Are VCs?  In a related discussion with Reid Leonard earlier this year, he noted, “I suspect…high impact institutions attract the attention.”