Homecoming & Family Weekend '13

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  1. Dribble for a chance to win an iPad Mini from @stedwardsupb! Winner will be announced at the women's Battle of the Saints basketball game tomorrow! #hilltoppride #hfw13
  2. Happy Homecoming and Family week St. Edward's! Use hash tags #hfw13 and #hilltoppride for events all week!
  3. The quest for the Topper Cup continues tonight with Dodgeball and Connect 4 in the RCC! #hfw13 #hilltoppride
  4. @SEU_FCA & Women's Club Soccer posing after a dodgeball victory! #hfw13 #hilltoppride
  5. Harlem Shake: St. Edward's University
  6. Carpenter Hill Jump Rope Team will be performing at half-time! You don't want to miss this talent! #hfw13
  7. Homecoming t-shirts on sale! Preorder by Jan. 30. #hfw13 #hilltoppride
  8. So proud of this lovely lady for making homecoming court!! Best ASB leader! #hfw13 @kaitlineighme
  9. Casino Night starts in an hour and a half! #hfw13
  10. What a night! Thank you to all of you who came out! We hope y'all had a wonderful time! #hfw13
  11. Brother Muller made the Best of Homecoming and Family weekend gallery. Did you? Check out our Facebook page or bit.ly/bestofhfw13 #hfw13
  12. These two ladies hold a special place in my heart. @jeakin773 @ndrisco #hfw13
  13. Club RCC is about to get crazy. #hfw13
  14. Some of my favorite people on Homecoming Court! #hfw13 @stedwardsu