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Suzanne Moore's transphobic explosion

Mainstream feminist writer Suzanne Moore wrote an article in the New Statesman. Most of it was all right, until suddenly she made a throwaway comment to how women should have bodies "like a Brazilian transsexual"

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  1. This was a bit of a fucked-up comment. Here's an article explaining exactly why:
  2. People called Moore out on her comments. She didn't take it well. 
  3. First she did the "you're just trying to get offended" thing.
  4. Then it got a lot worse. I don't know where to begin with this tweet, I really don't.
  5. She liked that tweet so much, she made it even more problematic and tweeted it to her whole timeline.
  6. Then she decided to explain why she'd used the phrase in the first place. 
  7. At this point, Suzanne Moore could have got out. She could have, once people explained why this wasn't a very good excuse, apologised for a flippantly ignorant and offensive line. She, er, didn't. First she played the "you're missing the point, being angry about this" card, clearly not absorbing that what she'd been saying had been really, really terrible.
  8. Then this happened. If you're counting, this is the second reference to a bigoted radfem ideology that trans women are mutilated men, and the eleventy billionth rejection of intersectionality.
  9. Making sure to tick all the boxes in a "columnist gets called out on bullshit" inventory, Moore went for the old-fashioned "language policing" defence.
  10. Luckily, she had her chum Frankie Boyle expressing a bit of sympathy.
  11. And also, guess who? That's right, Caitlin Moran, with whom Moore shared a Very Hilarious joke. 
  12. Complaints about the mob obviously came in, with bonus points for using a fancy word, and another accusation of misplaced rage.
  13. Then another sarcastic, flippant comment...