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#SB5 filibuster becomes citizen filibuster at midnight

Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, sustained a filibuster for at least 11 hours on Tuesday in order to attempt to block Senate Bill 5, an abortion regulation bill. She remained on her feet for the next two hours as Democrats worked to delay the vote until after midnight.


  1. What was truly astounding to many was what happened with about 10 minutes until the midnight deadline, as senators began to vote on #SB5. The crowd took matters into their own hands:
  2. People are going nuts!!!! #sb5 #istandwithsendavis
  3. Veteran Capitol reporters have never seen anything like this:
  4. Midnight passes, and no one seems to know whether SB5 was passed. An attempt was made to call the vote over the cheers, and the gallery was cleared out. Some senators say a vote happened, some say it was after midnight:
  5. The senators eventually left the floor to continue discussion of whether the vote counted. Speculation came out on social media, as reporters and senators began tweeting two different versions of the record vote - one saying SB5 passed before the midnight deadline, one saying it passed after the deadline:
  6. Roughly 3 a.m.: Final ruling made. SB5 failed: