What We're Reading: Chesapeake Wagering, Icahn Raising Stakes, SandRidge Stacking Deck

  1. Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon is betting on a cold winter:

  2. And activist investor Carl Icahn is spending nearly $1 billion to up his bet on Chesapeake Energy:

  3. Meanwhile, SandRidge Energy is stacking the deck against a hostile takeover:

  4. SandRidge ingests 'poison pill' to fend off hostile takeovers. Analyst: Not a shareholder-friendly move //@NewsOKEnergy  http://bit.ly/Q7Y3i7 
  5. And Native American tribes in Oklahoma are considering setting up their own power utilities to reduce costs to electrify casinos:

  6. Oklahoma Indian tribes considering creating their own power utility to reduce costs for casinos  http://bit.ly/UPq4hl  (via @JournalRecord)
  7. In June, SCOTUS ruled in favor of plaintiffs on the Medicaid mandate. This is why Oklahoma's 'Obamacare' lawsuit just might work, according to American Spectator magazine:

  8. Does Oklahoma's 'Obamacare' lawsuit have any merit? #SCOTUS decision offers some hope, says @AmSpec  http://bit.ly/TbeWIx