Reading List: Driest Six Months in a Century, Defending Drilling Incentives

  1. Oklahoma experienced the driest May-October in 118 years, Bloomberg News reports. This is bad news for the winter-wheat crop, "the worst since at least 1985, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported Monday."
  2. Not good. Driest six months since 1895 damaging wheat in Great Plains via @tulsaworld
  3. The Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association president defends incentives for oil and gas drilling. They're not "tax breaks," Mike Terry writes. "They are a partnership ..."

    "Eliminating or decreasing the state's tax provisions that promote oil and natural gas development will limit the number of wells drilled in Oklahoma, reduce the number of jobs created in the oil and natural gas industry and, eventually, restrain growth and the tax dollars that production generates."

  4. @OIPA: 'Greatest threat' to Okie oil/gas boom is regulatory action curbing exploration, including decreasing incentives Z
  5. ONEOK Partners scraps plan for North Dakota-to-Oklahoma Bakken Crude Express pipeline. Oklahoma's Continental Resources, the "largest player" in the Bakken, was curiously mum.
  6. .@ONEOKPartners Elects Not to Proceed With #Bakken Crude Express Pipeline Project eroilompipelineszhtml?c=104562&p=irol-newsArticle_Print&ID=1762219&highlight= #oil #pipelines
  7. Good news for Oklahoma from Ohio. Marcellus shale play now accounts for more than a quarter of U.S. shale gas production. OKC's Chesapeake Energy is a dominant player there.
  8. If you haven't heard of Oklahoma's Mississippi Lime, now's the time: