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Jabs: In his own words

For Jack Jablonski, whose life changed so completely after being paralyzed in a hockey game, Twitter has been one way to reach out and connect with fans and friends online. This collection of his public tweets begins in the days just before the accident.


  1. Dec. 27, 2011: Three days before the game.
  2. Dec. 30, 2011: During a JV hockey game, the 16-year-old honors student and varsity tennis player at Benilde-St. Margaret's was hit from behind by two players from Wayzata High School. He did not get up.
  3. Jabby's account goes silent for days, but others are thinking about him:
  4. Jan. 7, 2012: And then this, tweeted not by Jack, but to his account.
  5. Jan. 12, 2012: While Jack remains hospitalized, his team, the Benilde-St. Margaret Red Knights, is making a run toward the post-season.
  6. Jan. 27: 2012: While beginning his rehab treatment, Jack is cheered by visits from friends and pro athletes, including members of the Minnesota Twins.