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SEO/SEM Pro, Marketing Strategist, Communications Consultant, Social Media Enthusiast, Technology AlphaGeek & Foosball Fanatic.


When a prospect contacts you online, they don’t want a response tomorrow; they want one today. Actually, they want it in 60 seconds or less. To have any shot at connecting and converting a lead, you have to be fast -- really fast. Why? Because the odds of speaking with a lead if you call back within one minute increase 500%. However, most web inquiries aren’t responded to promptly, if at all.

Tom Lyden's Reporters Notebook

Investigative Reporter/Anchor FOX 9 News

azim qureshi

Anthony Molaro

Assistant Professor at St. Catherine University. I am an imaginiarian and information activist who strives to improve librarians.

Ceren Kaysadı

Media Monster || Activist || Traveller || Professional Problematizer || Intern at TC Daily Planet || Bayan Muhalefet

Steve Kenow

A God-fearing grandpa, gardener and geek. Founder and author at Christian Web Resources; co-founder of ImpressCMS

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Hello! We like to share and discuss stories and current events related to economics and financial markets. We have a particular interest in forex and binary options trading education and strategy topics.

Scott Schmitt

Digital Fellow at Organizing for Action. Owner, Schmittyapolis Advertising & Graphic Design. Husband. Dog lover. Volunteer. WW2 buff. Weather geek. Documentary junkie. If you are a WW2 museum looking for someone to run your event marketing/fundraising I'd love to talk with you!

The Product Poet

I'm just a #Poet, that loves #branding and #haiku. Owns two aching thumbs.

Gabi (Gesch) Winkels

New to #Denver. From #Minneapolis #Advertising #CMGR



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