Emilee Renwick's St. Ambrose

Emilee Renwick has had her feet nibbled by fish in Greece, offered life advice on campus radio, and earned the prestigious appointment of "dog sitter" for a favorite professor. She also has worked on The Buzz, SAUtv, and been an Honor Society member. Being Ambrosian is doing as much as you'd like.


  1. 'I am Ambrosian because ...'

    I am Ambrosian because I can get to know my professors so well I dog sit for them. 

    I am Ambrosian because my brother went here and for once following in his footsteps wasn't the most annoying thing ever. We actually had majors in the same department, and our favorite professors outside of our majors are married. He chats with Paul Jacobson and I chat with Bea Jacobson. Being Ambrosian is part of my family. My family just grew bigger when I came to Ambrose. 

    I am Ambrosian because I love Whitey's, going to downtown Davenport, and have a slight addiction to Sodexo's Rice Krispie treats. 

    I'm old school Ambrosian because I would give anything to have my graduation under the oaks, love going to the archives to take a look into the past, and love the smell of a new Scene magazine. 

    I am Ambrosian because only Ambrose has a philosophy department with Andy Swift and Fr. Brian Miclot. 

    I live in some of the best residence halls in the Midwest and I know that is so because I have my own spacious room to decorate, and I can close my door when my roommate cooks with too much garlic. 

    I am Ambrosian because I have had so many hands-on opportunities here, my resume is more than two pages. I have been a cheerleader, a reporter, and the voice of a radio show. 

    I am Ambrosian because I sure am going to miss the free exercise classes when I leave. I have been going to Pilates and Trim and Tone religiously since freshman year. I don't know where I'm going to find a better teacher than Ann Austin.