Match Day at UNMC

Fourth-year medical students at the University of Nebraska Medical Center learned March 16 where they will spend their residencies. UNMC students gathered for a Match Day ceremony that also was broadcast via a live feed.


  1. Across the country, medical students were finding out their destinations in Match Day events.
  2. At UNMC, the soon-to-be residents were excited and nervous. And ready to celebrate.
  3. These future doctors had waited a long time for this day -- some longer than others.
  4. Unmatched Inspiration
  5. At UNMC, 114 students walked one at a time to a podium -- sometimes accompanied by children and spouses -- to open envelopes revealing where they will spend the next few years. Each read the contents aloud and was cheered by classmates, faculty and family.
  6. The National Resident Matching Program reported that more than 95 percent of this year's U.S. medical school seniors—the highest rate in 30 years—matched to residency positions. The number of applicants in this year’s match rose by 642 for a total of 38,377 participants, an increase of more than 2,400 over the last five years.