MSNBC Brings #GrowingHope College Tour to TSU During Communication Week

MSNBC brought its #GrowingHope tour to Texas Southern University on April 25. The network set-up a collage of interactive platforms designed to encourage those who attended to share their visions for the future. This event coincided with the School of Communication 'Communication Week' activities.

  1. This is MSNBC's #GrowingHope Tree of Hope surrounded by several rectangular shaped wooden gardens that featured topics to be discussed during the tour at colleges across America.  TSU was the first stop on April 25, 2014.
  2. MSNBC Growing Hope College Tour at TSU
  3. MSNBC host Alex Wagner plants her hope petal in one of the gardens.  She hosted a live show on Texas Southern University's plaza from 3p.m.- 4p.m.
  4. Students like  Diamonique  Prudhomme were excited that the #GrowingHope tour made TSU its first stop.
  5. A major feature of the tour was this five foot tall green 'Hope' vegetative-like structure.
  6. Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee Spoke to Alex Wagner before going live on MSNBC to discuss issues that concern Houstonians and students at Texas Southern University.
  7. We are ecstatic that Texas Southern University alumna LeShelle Sargent, who is senior publicist for MSNBC, was one of the major organizers of the #GrowingHope tour at TSU.  She is amazing!
  8. MSNBC featured an interactive blue room, where visitors were able to type out their hopes and place them on a paper petal.  The petals were then placed in the gardens of hope. TSU student James wrote, "I hope for increased unity in all Americans regardless of race to make this nation better."
  9. Someone plants his/her petal in the garden of hope at the #GrowingHope tour at Texas Southern University on April 25, 2014.
  10. This nice man waters one of the garden of hope beds that's named 'Health & Environment."
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