Quoth#6 | 9th November 2015

News and Events from Saltspring Island Public Library.


  1. On Saltspring we like to keep in touch with the land. We chop our own wood, grow our own veggies and chase eagles away from our chickens. But what do you do if you don't have room for raised beds and deer fences. That's the question addressed by Bowen Island author Michelle Nelson in The Urban Homesteading Cookbook.
  2. Book Launch: The Urban Homesteading Cookbook by Michelle Nelson. | 4pm Thursday 12th November

  3. In The Urban Homesteading Cookbook, Nelson shares the things she has learned about earthwise consumption from her family history of backyard food production, her Ph.D. in conservation biology and sustainable agriculture, and a whole lot of trial and error. With over eighty recipes and gorgeous photos by Alison Page, this book offers an alternative to industrialized agriculture and is sure to inspire people to consume in a way that is better for individual health, and for the animals and ecosystems that provide our food.
  4. Stories of Grace Islet

  5. The Stories of Grace Islet exhibition continues this week. Upcoming events accompanying the exhibition include:
  6. Tech Cafe: WordPress Hand-On

  7. Also this week you have another opportunity to get to grips with WordPress courtesy of Myles English who'll be running a Tech Cafe on Thursday from 7pm to 9pm.
  8. Remembrance Day | Wednesday 11th November

  9. The library will be closed on Remembrance Day, Wednesday the 11th of November.