What Can People Expect From a Home Inspection?

Before a person purchases a home, they need to make sure they hire an inspector to carry out a full inspection on the home.


  1. Before a person purchases a home, they need to make sure they hire an inspector to carry out a full inspection on the home. This inspection covers every aspect of the home from the crawlspace to the attic. A full home inspection can find any issues so they potential buyer is fully aware of what they are purchasing. With a SACRAMENTO HOME INSPECTION, buyers can rest assured the property they are purchasing will not cause them financial stress.

    Most home inspectors start their inspection in the crawlspace. The inspector will check to make sure the foundation of the home is sound and the supportive beams are not rotting and meet code. If the foundation of a home is not sturdy or is damaged, this can lead to a huge expense. Most buyers do not want to purchase a home that has foundation problems since repairs can cost thousands of dollars.

    The inspector will fully inspect the basement and the plumbing system. The plumbing inspection will involve all of the faucets, water heater, tubs, toilets, and pipes. Any problems that are found will be carefully documented so the potential buyer is made aware.

    The inspector will also carefully survey the wiring, fuses and electric box in the home. It is crucial buyers are aware of all of the repair issues in a home before they purchase to ensure they are paying a fair price and are fully aware of the repair issues that may be present.

    A full home inspection will generally take around four hours to be accomplished. Potential buyers are encouraged to be a part of the inspection process so they can ask questions and learn from the inspector first hand. As the inspector checks the heater, air conditioning system and all switches, lights and outlets in the home, any damage or malfunctioning components are parts are written in the inspection form.

    The cost of an inspection can vary according to the size of the home and whether or not the potential buyer wants to have extra sprinkler system carried out such as the septic system and testing like radon or carbon monoxide.

    Buyers who are considering purchasing a home need to consider hiring an inspector to ensure all problems are fully disclosed so they can make sure they are making the best decision. Without an inspection, a buyer could end up purchasing a home that requires extensive repairs and expense.