Role Of An InBox In Career OnDemand

I wondered if Career OnDemand will need a dedicated InBox. Customers and Experts chimed In. This is the story as it played out on a Sunday afternoon on Twitter.


  1. I asked the question
  2. @Vijayasankarv @boetker @InFullbloomUS and @dburkamp  thought that messages should arrive into the inBox the person uses. For example, if a person uses Outlook, the messages should come to Outlook.  

    @boetker @InFullbloomUS said that there can be a place in Career OnDemand where messages are collected. I will call it the InBox for now.

  3. I wondered if Sales OnDemand can combine activity streams and messages, why not Career OnDemand.
  4. @InFullBloomUS responded with her thoughts. She pointed out that Sales OnDemand does not face the same compliance requirements as Career OnDemand.

  5. It is clear to me that the messages should arrive in the email InBox of the person's choice. For compliance and record reasons, we may have to maintain the messages in the Career OnDemand system. A person, if he or she chooses, can access the message on Career OnDemand.

    Thanks everyone. All in a Sunday afternoon's work.