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  2. One of Sebastian Guthery's latest projects, Hemplogica, has caused his philanthropic spirit to come alive. Hemplogica donates its CBD products to children with epilepsy in order to help them find relief from the disorder. With many years of experience in the licensed medical cannabis dispensary industry and the ethnobotanicals importation and retail sectors, the founders have positioned the company at the forefront of health science. We at Hemplogica hope you’ll agree that our CBD products are the very best available, helping our customers live balanced lives full of relaxation and good health.
  3. His residential real estate development, called Lead Equity, purchases older buildings and revamps them into affordable luxury apartments as well as purchasing and remodeling existing single-family homes. The company specializes in sales to those who may not qualify for traditional bank financing. This endeavor provides low-cost housing to individuals in the city of Wichita, Kansas and its surrounding suburbs. Sebastian continues to seek out new business opportunities. His vision and passion for new ventures will serve him well in coming years.
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  5. To catch up with the latest on his whereabouts, connect with him on Linkedin, CaringBridge or Crunchbase. If you'd like to continue reading on his past work and goals, please scroll down.
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  7. Representing Edens Ethnos at a natural health convention in 2012.
  8. Booth Edens Ethos Booth Circa 2012
    Booth Edens Ethos Booth Circa 2012
  9. fights for the rights of Kratom users worldwide.
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