EZ-Level is America's #1 Cabinet Leveling System

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  1. When installing kitchen or bathroom cabinets, home improvement contractors have many methods available to hang and level the cabinet units. Installing cabinets can be a tedious, time-consuming process, and each method to install the cabinets has its drawbacks.

  2. Tired of the complexity and issues surrounding cabinet installation, inventor and experienced home improvement contractor Brooks Courtney developed the EZ-Level cabinet leveling system. This revolutionary system makes installation a snap – a process that used to take hours now takes mere minutes to complete. And, EZ-Level cabinet levelers keep the cabinets level and secure for years to come.
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  4. Traditional Cabinet Leveling: Problems and Issues

  5. Hanging cabinets in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, or utility room presents many challenges to the home improvement contractor or DIYer. The primary reason cabinet hanging and leveling is so difficult is that the average home’s walls and floors are rarely level. As a house is constructed, any warping in the floor joists and wall studs that make up the frame of the house can lead to situations where the walls and floors don’t meet at a perfect 90-degree angle. Visually, one can’t tell that the walls and floors are out of plumb. When it is time to hang kitchen cabinets, though, that out of plumb situation creates issues.

  6. Various methods have been devised to overcome out of plumb walls and floors. Each has its own drawbacks. The most typical method of leveling cabinets is by using wooden or plastic shims. Shims are stacked underneath the base and behind each cabinet and then the cabinet unit is screwed into place. Shims can swell and contract with changes in temperature or humidity, though, and this can lead to the cabinets shifting. In worst case scenarios, this shifting can cause damaged countertops. Because each cabinet unit must be hung separately, the process can take hours of back-breaking labor.

  7. Leg leveling systems can be mounted under the cabinet bases for floor-mounted cabinet units. This simplifies leveling of the cabinets in relation to the floor but does nothing to counteract out of plumb walls. To adjust the cabinets in relation to the walls, installers resort to shims once again. In addition, the crude threaded adjusters of most leg leveling systems are not sufficient to get the cabinets precisely in place, either.
  8. How to Install and Level Island Cabinets
  9. Transforming Kitchen Installation

  10. It is clear that a better solution to hang and level cabinets were needed. Enter EZ-Level, a revolutionary way to overcome the difficulty and labor associated with leveling kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The cabinet leveling system uses a patented lever and threaded adjusting rods. The system is mounted underneath floor cabinets and behind wall-mounted units; the durable materials and compact nature of the devices remain hidden once toekicks are in place.

  11. One great advantage of the EZ-Level system is the amount of time it saves installers. Cabinet installers can now mount a series of cabinet units together, add the EZ-Level hardware, and then level the entire bank of cabinets as if it is one piece of furniture. The process takes minutes, as opposed to the old methods which require each cabinet unit to be installed and leveled individually, potentially requiring many hours of labor.

  12. With the EZ-Level system, the cabinets are perfectly leveled and aligned and will remain that way for many years to come. The cabinets won’t slip or shift, protecting expensive countertops from cracks or other damage. EZ-Level cabinet leveling systems can be used by home improvement professionals and homeowners alike, saving time and hassle while providing the very best results available.