Vikings get aggressive in first round of NFL Draft, take Kalil and Smith

The Vikings were as active as any team on NFL Draft night. They made a lopsided trade with the Browns and still landed Matt Kalil. Then they traded back in to the first round to bolster their secondary with Notre Dame safety, Harrison Smith.


  1. The Vikings got the ball rolling with a big time trade on NFL Draft night. Their swap with the Cleveland Browns still allowed them to land the top-ranked player on their draft board, Matt Kalil.
  2. USC Football - NFL Draft - Matt Kalil Highlight
  3. The Vikings remained active by trading with the Baltimore Ravens to get back into the first round to draft Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith.
  4. Harrison Smith top safety 2012 draft
  5. You've probably heard Matt Kalil's name a lot over the last couple of months, but you might not know a lot about him. This scouting report will help you get to know what kind of player he is.
  6. Head coach Leslie Frazier held a post-pick press conference to chat about Kalil. Frazier thinks Kalil will be a lineman that "can block the top defensive linemen in the league."
  7. Kalil wasn't a surprise selection, but the trade leading to the pick might be remembered for a long time. The Vikings' pulled off an amazing deal by adding three extra draft picks from the Browns.
  8. The fact that general manager Rick Spielman was able to get three extra picks for nothing was incredible.
  9. Morris Claiborne. Justin Blackmon. Matt Kalil. Those were the three names Spielman narrowed the selection down to, and ESPN's NFC North reporter Kevin Seifert says the Vikings got it right.
  10. Want to know what Christian Ponder, Adrian Peterson and others think of Kalil? Find out by keeping up with the comments flowing through the Twitter universe.