Carter backpedals on bounties

Cris Carter doesn't receive as much as attention as he's getting now when he's in the middle of a Hall of Fame debate. The former Viking wide receiver finds himself in the thick of the bounty scandal, despite never playing for the Saints.


  1. On Tuesday Cris Carter blew up NFL websites when he said he used bounties when he played for the Vikings. Now he's backing off that claim, saying "bounty" wasn't the right way to phrase it. 
  2. Listen to Carter's latest interview below. He joined ESPN's Mike and Mike. 
  3. Cris Carter Admits To Bounties
  4. Despite Carter's poor choice of words, he made it clear that he put monetary bounties on opposing players' heads. 
  5. The one player Carter used in an example was former linebacker Bill Romanowski, who responded by claiming Carter's story is fiction.