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The Ancient Olympics - Inspiration for 'The Games'

Spike created a show called 'The Games' based on the ancient olympics, the stories and information we discovered prior to and during rehearsal was amazing and I just wanted to share some of it with you lovely folk.


  1. Olympia - Sacred home of the games
  2. This amazing 5 day festival brought fans and competitors from across the ancient world. It was not just about sport, there was every conceivable form of human life from the very rich to the very poor. This was a place to meet, eat and compete.

    We will soon on tour across the UK if you fancy coming along click on the link below.

  3. Site map of Olympia:

    There were no hotels at Olympia, so people tended to sleep where ever they could find space.
  4. Artist's reconstruction of ancient Greek sites
    Artist's reconstruction of ancient Greek sites
  5. 24 Ancient Olympic Track
    24 Ancient Olympic Track
  6. Our version of the gymnasium
  7. The Games - Spike Theatre - Edinburgh fringe 2011
  8. In honour of Zeus
  9. The Events: Brutal and bizarre and all done naked!