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Spectral Capital Corp had a previous triple digit run. An explosive development was in the works this morning. In case you missed it, read the report below. Contact Spectral Capital Email at Spectral Capital Investment is a company that looks to acquire and partner with developing technology companies that are capable of growing into independent publicly held companies. Spectral Capital looks for early stage technology companies that have the opportunity for big enhancement, or even being a complete game changer in the market. Spectral Capital is looking of those technologies that can be protected by patent or other proprietary laws and regulations, using their large network of intellectual property experts around the world. Spectral Capital supports and encourages the technology teams in their portfolio, so that these companies grow and achieve their visions. The companies Spectral Capital partners with are passionate about developing and marketing their ideas, and excited about their partnership with Spectral Capital. As a low-float company with a history of making big moves on low volume, Spectral Capital was trading shares for about $0.30 last February. By mid-March, share value had reached $1.16, and showed a gain of a whopping 287 percent. During this run up, the biggest volume day only reached 77,455 shares. With Spectral Capital currently trading for $0.485, imagine what it may be able to achieve if more investors are focused on Spectral Capital. Kontexto is a tech company providing services and software for acquiring, analyzing and the real-time streaming of visual data. Kontexto delivers its service in two ways: As a software-as-end-of-service solution, or embedded in applications belonging to third parties. Early today, Spectral Capital made an announcement that Kontexto has closed a two-year deal with Bell Media for media analytics for that company. This will involve the use of the Kontexto's flagship product called publishflowTM. Canada's largest communication firm, Bell Media, has selected publishflowTM by Kontexto for doing the data analytics for Bell Media online properties. According to their website, this includes 28 conventional stations and several specialty stations including, Canada's top television station, CTV, TSN (Canada's top specialty station), the number one French station in Canada, RDS, as well as Dome Productions. They have also been partnered with Cirque du Soleil, forming Cirque du Soleil Media, a production company based in Montreal. "Kontexto's products and service are innovative and reliable. They allow big media houses like Bell Media to get their services for essential real time analytics. Kontexto continues to demonstrate its capacity to sell their products and services to the most prominent media companies with low market budgets. Kontexto shows a lot of potential and we anticipate watching this company grow and become a even more important part of the Spectral portfolio," said Jennifer Osterwalder, who is President and CEO of Spectral. Yet, this big news for Spectral Capital has been almost unnoticed by the community of Wall Street until today. It will be interesting to see how this news affects the situation tomorrow morning. Noot, Inc. is the creator of 'Noot', a mobile smartphone search engine. Noot, a mobile technology company, has developed the Noot application to help people who are searching the Internet to quickly find the news, videos, photos, and social media that are a match for their interests. Noot technology is developed so that it learns from the user, even after the person is done searching, continuing to refine searches for the next time the topic is searched. Noot provides a highly personalized search result for the user that improves over time, acting almost like a personal research assistant. The chart below shows anticipated growth for spending on mobile ads if Noot only manages to capture a small amount of this market. This could mean huge gains ahead, even with this small amount of market capture. Smartphones, tables, and wearable devices are all mobile technologies that are seeing huge growth, but the industry is still in its early development and will continue to expand for many years. Spectral Capital happens to be in an excellent position for capitalization of this trend by increasing its portfolio of those technology companies that will reward investors in the future. Keep an eye on Spectral Capital in the coming days. This low-float technology company could be on its way to another triple digit run as we saw it do earlier in the year.