Sparks' exhibition opening #1 - Bonn

Beyond the Lab: the DIY Science Revolution opened in Bonn on 6 July 2016. Get behind the scenes and follow the exhibition in the making and the opening at the LVR LandesMuseum

  1. 4 July 2016 Day -2

  2. The truck just arrived from the building site in Birmingham. Supported by Bonn Science Shop (WILA) and Ecsite project manager, the LandesMuseum's team unfolds the exhibition
  3. Beyond the Lab / out of the box!
  4. 5 July 2016 Day -1

  5. A non expected interruption
  6. 6 July 2016: D Day!

  7. The finishing touch before the public walks in
  8. The countdown has started #BeyondTheLab
  9. -
  10. And the ribbon is cut! Beyond the Lab is officially open
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