Dreamers' Supply Company—The Barnstorming Brainstorming...

A micro-store offering a line of products that help anyone make their dreams come true. The Dreamers' Supply Company is a new project that enables young people to develop their creative, collaborative and entrepreneurial skills. It's really pretty awesome.


  1. Here's our view: we can't magic jobs out of nowhere for young people in the UK. But with over a million unemployed and serious government cuts, we really want to do something that will help young people make some money, develop their skills, connect with a diverse group of people and have a good good time. So thanks to support from the RSA Catalyst Fund, as well as voluntary help from the Design Museum Shop and Build design agency, we've just kickstarted the pilot project. 
  2. On Saturday April 28, 2012, we had our first brainstorming session. Despite rain and bike protests over 40 people met, voluntarily, at Hub Westminster. Designers, students, unemployed, writers, business gurus and entrepreneurs: the age-range spanned over four decades, they came from all over the country and—although they might not have known it—they had a common purpose: to create products that that will help people realise their dreams.
  3. Dreamers supply co brainstorm with @sparkandmettle #dreamerslunch
    Dreamers supply co brainstorm with @sparkandmettle #dreamerslunch
  4. We kicked off the day with the fab Alison Coward (founder of Bracket) leading a session on creative collaboration. She explained to us the collaboration curve... 
  5. The collaboration curve, via @alisoncoward #dreamerslunch
    The collaboration curve, via @alisoncoward #dreamerslunch
  6. And then got everyone in the room to figure out how to collaborate successfully...
  7. With that, and just ten minutes, we collectively generated a Creative Collaboration Manifesto.
  8. The #dreamerslunch Creative Collaboration Manifesto
    The #dreamerslunch Creative Collaboration Manifesto
  9. With collaboration sorted, the six teams were given an hour to work on the brief: Develop concepts for 3–5 exciting, high calibre and occasionally whimsical but always affordable dream-realising products that anyone can put together and everyone will love.

  10. The teams consisted of young people from Spark+Mettle's Star Track programme, their friends and some all-star professional volunteers. 
  11. There was a second task before lunch... to vote for the logo/branding route that is being developed pro bono by the awesome people at Build...
  12. Design met democracy, and it was Over The Rainbow that won it... 
  13. Spurred on by the great branding, plus delicious food from Munch in Marylebone, a whole host of insanely awesome ideas were generated, and people seemed to be enjoying themselves....
  14. Results of today's brainstorm with the Dreamers' Supply Company #dreamerssupplyco
    Results of today's brainstorm with the Dreamers' Supply Company #dreamerssupplyco