1. Being the Story is a day of thought-provoking talks and performances for the charity sector and NFP sector funded by, developed, curated and delivered by award-winning digital storytelling organisation sounddelivery. We champion stories that need to be told, stories that challenge prejudice and disadvantage, and have the power to change the world around us.

    Through our work we have met incredible storytellers whose stories need to be heard. Being the Story aimed to do just that – give a platform to people whose stories should be heard, to challenge narratives and provoke discussion and conversations. With a room full of change-makers from a myriad of great charities, funders, media professionals, and individuals passionate about personal storytelling Being the Story demonstrated the power of authentic storytelling across the day.

    Whether you attended or not, we’ve compiled these highlights from the day and further reading around the value and importance of incorporating firsthand storytelling in our work and to introduce you to the Being the Story experience.

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  2. The excitement started early!
  3. We knew the day was going to be intense so we kickstarted the day with some help from Richard and Richard from Dywanamics
  4. Pastor Lorraine Jones: Turning Pain into Power through the Power of Love
  5. What do you do when you’re faced with life changing challenges which invade your quality of life, environment and community? In a society where regeneration is implemented but it seems that only the structures and systems have changed. The People that count have been further disempowered the impact of youth violence has risen causing more pain in the community. In her talk Lorraine shared her quest of how she turns Pain into Power through the Power of Love.
  6. Sam Smith: Re-writing the Labels that Hold us Back
  7. Sam shared his own personal story of how he has overcome barriers from his tough background and rejected the labels given to him to become a successful social entrepreneur. He challenged us to help support and empower future generations and give them to confidence to choose their own identity.
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