EDCMOOC - Treasures from the Voyage

At the beginning of 2013, I participated in my first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) called E-learning and Digital Cultures. Along the way I found many treasures.


  1. This Storify is referenced in my final digital artifact for the EDCMOOC course. See that artifact here:
  2. Provocative and Interesting Content

  3. Open Ed 12 - Gardner Campbell Keynote - Ecologies of Yearning
  4. New Practices and Ideas

  5. @alisonseaman, of #etmooc which is running at the same time as #edcmooc, created a wiki that I want to explore in more detail given many of the conversations I've had with the EDCMOOC Voice Thread small group. How can we better prepare learners for a MOOC journey?
  6. @feliciasullivan, fellow EDCMOOC student, shared Peter Taylor's blog, Probe-Create Change-Reflect: critical thinking and reflective practice, with me. So much here to explore. Might take me a year!
  7. This ThingLink representing the EDCMOOC School has opened up a dialogue within the MS Learning & Organizational Change online learning platform (powered by Jive Software) about ways we could represent our community, called The Hive, visually. This is a creative way to orient new members to the community.
  8. I look forward to participating in some of the TLT Group's FridayLive online sessions! I learned about this resource via Beth Dailey, a member of my Voice Thread group.
  9. Favorite Digital Artifacts and Images