Ideas That Can Turn Link Building into a Star of Marketing Show


  1. Link play the most essential role in SEO but this attribute doesn’t change the status of link building for being an SEO tactic. Hence,talking only about tactic and not about the strategy is the recipe of failure. No matter how good your link building method is, the chances of its success are still not very high if you are not working on better strategy first. With the help of good strategy, you can get better results in very short time. And, it’s the strategy that is going to make your link-building practice fruitful.
  2. With that said, there are a few things that you can take into consideration in order to make link building your best marketing tool.
  3. Relationship matters
    Being in the industry enables you to make friends. This characteristic of business can be leveraged to create valuable links. Your fans and followers on social media, your permanent readers and the people who in your contact list just because of a business relationship are the ones would pay attention if you tell them that you are going to post an amazing blog about an amazing product or service. Many of those people would happily put your link on their channels, arranging some valuable internet traffic for you.
  4. Although the quality of your blog post should inevitably be good, the relationship with the persons you ask to recommend your blog also matters a lot.
  5. Be a host for link builders
    Asking people via emails to add your links in their websites is an outdated method whose conversion rate is now reduced to 10% and that too for the people who are great at it. Thus, the conversion rate for others might be even lesser.
  6. Things can turn into your favor if you make the process reverse by inviting the link partners to do postings on your highly optimized pages. Allowing guest posts, comments and articles on specific pages of your website can be a great way to improve the authority of your website.This task might bring a moderation task for you but this little trouble will worth the increase in authority of your website.
  7. Be a giver
    Paying back to the community you live in increases the status. Same works for the Chiropractic SEO community. Remember,you can’t survive without relationships in the industry. There are people who follow you and wait for the updates from you. In turn, you can dedicate a percentage of your earnings to the online community you belong to. Another way of giving is to help your link partners in their growth. The great benefit of this activity is that the people will get a chance to see your emotional side.
  8. Influencer marketing
    If you are ambitious, try to be an influencer. This task requires effort and great patience but it’s surely something you can fight for. The benefit of being an influencer is that you will get a chance to enhance authority of your channels just by facilitating people who want to market their good quality services or products. One thing worth mentioning here is that, being an influencer, you don’t have the obligation to work on every request. You can do a little moderation to pick the request that would have potential to make your channel stronger.
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