Rothbury Road Productions Presents: Sons of Ben


  1. After many rumors of an MLS team arriving in Philadelphia never materializing, a small group of soccer fans took matters into their own hands and started a supporters group called the Sons of Ben to help bring a team to their hometown. They were a group without a team to root for and had a modest goal of reaching 100 members by the end of the year. Little did they know they would reach over 1,500 members in less time than that and start a movement that would not only change the soccer landscape in Philadelphia forever, but also help revive a community that had been struggling for decades.

    The story inspired producer/director Jeffrey C. Bell to take a closer look at what makes this fan base different than any other and how their commitment is visible in the community outside PPL Park. Their dedication to the team and to the city of Chester is palpable far beyond The River End.
  2. After the initial announcement about the film, Rothbury Road Productions released a teaser trailer previewing the film, due out in early 2013.

  3. Sons of Ben Official Teaser Trailer #1
  4. Sons of Ben and Union fans alike quickly reacted and shared their excitement about the documentary.
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  6. As the excitement began to build, the production team kicked into gear in early July as the Union traveled to California to take on the LA Galaxy. 
  7. Interim Coach John Hackworth was first to sit down with the team prior to the July 4 victory over the Galaxy.
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  9. Many fan-favorites also sat down with the crew to talk about what the Sons of Ben mean to them.

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  12. With a stop in LA, Rothbury Road Productions also met up with Danny Califf, former Union defender and captain.  The Southern California native, now playing for Chivas USA, had nothing but good to say about his former supporters in Philadelphia and had a special message for the fans back east.
  13. Sons of Ben Movie: Danny Califf's Special Message to Philly
  14. After wrapping up the LA shoot, a poster was released online and fans quickly responded.
  15. Fans responded to the release of the poster quickly--many with suggestions on the poster's edition size.