International Open Data Day 2015 in Germany

Last Saturday, open data enthusiasts gathered in different cities across Germany to participate in the fifth annual International Open Data Day. You can find out what took place in different cities across Germany here.


  1. More than 110 cities around the world hosted local hackathons and workshops. Thirteen events were organized by OK Labs in the Code for Germany network.

  2. #opendata #hackathon #opendataday
    #opendata #hackathon #opendataday

  3. Heilbronn

  4. The OK Lab in Heilbronn partnered up with Open Rhein Neckar to host a Hacktogether at a trendy venue in the heart of Mannheim.

  5. The event started off with a Barcamp and symposium on openGLAM, OpenHardware, Cryptology, and Self Disaster Mapping Citizen Sensors.
  6. The Hacktogether covered themes such as demographics and mobility, human geography, migration archives, and cultural data. There was also a workshop for educators on how to create interactive visualizations for teaching purposes.

  7. Magdeburg

  8. Rosario and Johannes from the newly-founded OK Lab in Magdeburg tackled the issue of right-wing violence in Sachsen by creating a visualization to bring the issue closer to citizens.

  9. Leipzig

  10. Leipzig commenced their Open Data Day with the kick-off. They crowd-sourced ideas for new projects.

  11. The State of Saxony released 2,500 machine-readable data sets just on time for Open Data Day.