Tears flow as land is cleared at James Price Point

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  1. Beach between Quandong Point and James Price Point | Kimberley ...
    Beach between Quandong Point and James Price Point | Kimberley ...
  2. Neil Mackenzie is a native title claimant for James Price Point who has opposed the use of his traditional country for a gas processing precinct for many years.
  3. Trish Whitehouse, a 19-year-old Aboriginal woman from Broome, says that she chose to be arrested because she regards James Price Point as Aboriginal land that is too special to be used for a gas processing precinct.
  4. Rowena, Janet and Roma Puertollano as well as Elsta Foy explain why the passage of trucks up a dusty track is so upsetting for them.
  5. A Blog for followers to support the people on the ground.
  6. Broome Last Night...for Walmadan proposed Gas Hub
  7. Walmadan-Candlelight Vigil - last night in Broome - pics delphoto
  8. 7th July James Price Point blockade.wmv
  9. broome gas hub goes ahead - woodside rapes more pristine wilderness
  10. Broome Police fly in riot squad to break up manari road blockade
  11. Senator Scott Ludlam 050711_Q&A.wmv
  12. The softly softly approach of Western Australia Police towards protesters opposing a gas processing precinct north of Broome is over.

  13. from little things - police threaten arrest.MOV