Twitter Roundup: Life of a Coder

This Twitter Roundup brought to you by the frustrations of coders everywhere bemoaning relatable #ProgrammingProblems and #CoderProblems. You're not alone!

  1. RT @myspivey: Think I need a seatbelt on my office chair to keep from slouching #coderproblems
  2. The one missplaced asterisk placed in the middle of 1000 lines of code #ThingsILookFor #coderproblems
  3. Oh, morning again? Time to neglect basic personal hygiene and the most important meal of the day and get straight to coding again. Nice!
  4. Almost just sent a short 3 word email using underscores instead of spaces... #coderproblems
  5. Sometime when coding I mumble a running commentary to myself. Today: "And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we write unit tests." #geek
  6. Long day ahead, staring at a computer screen for the whole day more or less #ProgrammingProblems
  7. Today's special programming brought to you by the fascinating cocktail of attavan, novacaine, and a distinct lack of quality sleep.
  8. Why can't you just work? I am gona beat the crap out of this computer :@ #ProgrammingProblems