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Publish better SEO content with Storify

Learn how to curate content from twitter, facebook, google plus and the rest of the web to achieve better SEO results.


  1. Storify is a new web app (and mobile app) that lets users curate social and website content to create their own stories.
  2. Why is Storify good for SEO?

    Content writing is difficult and time-consuming. With storify, you can create free, original articles within minutes. Here's how:

    STEP 1: Sign up for a free Storify account
    STEP 2: Create a new story
    STEP 3: Search for content using the Storify engine
    STEP 4: Drag content into your post
    STEP 5: Write your own words to add value to the content
  3. At the moment, Storify is proving popular with individual users and major organisations; just look at what MSNBC are doing with the platform:
  4. Link Building Potential

    Storify is not just good for quick and rich content; links can easily be embedded into posts by using the URL search function. What's more, your posts can be embedded onto your website or blog by pasting the 'share' code, just like YouTube videos are currently embedded.

  5. What about duplicate content?

    SEO writers needn't worry about duplicate content when it comes to Storify. When posts are embedded on other websites, your author byline will let Google and other search engines know you are the source. Make sure you curate your content by adding some original text.
  6. Unlimited sources

    Storify content can come from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and any URL so the possibilities really are endless.
  7. There's even a .gif search function
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