How the public fell in love with "The MisAdventures of Awkward Black Girl".

On July 29th, I was introduced to a really cool web program called "The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl" and its producer Issa Rae. This show is hilarious y'all! Unfortunately when we met Issa Rae was getting ready to release her last episode, on Thursday August 4th, unless she reached her "Kickstarter" fundraising goal of $30,000.


  1. At the time she only had $20,000 in pledges and less than 10 days to reach the goal. (Note Kickstarter only funds if you reach the exact dollar amount of the goal).   

    So, in five days I, Karen Rogers-Robinson (aka SocialMMMDiva) and my partner Adrienne Sheares, built such a buzz on twitter and facebook that a moderately known web programming show was turned into a web phenom that temporarily brought down the new social TV viewing platform WatchParty.TV

    Let's have a look....

  2. So we issued an on-line press release using
  3. We built a Facebook Event page and invited over 1100 people. We posted the on-line press release and clips from previous episodes to the event wall. The next thing we knew we had 900 RSVP's!

  4. ABG | Meet Awkward Black Girl ... PROMO #2
  5. ABG | Meet Awkward Black Guy ... PROMO #3
  6. The Show was a hit with certain African American groups on Facebook! They all became fans of the page and RSVP'd for the event!

  7. The folks at Watch Party TV helped out with building the buzz by sending out an e-mail to their users.
  8. The Blogsphere helped....
  9. The fans from the Facebook event page tweeted about the event and the show!

  10. We Facebook'd and tweeted some more.
  11. People from all over the world attended the Watch Party! There were a few folks from London, Australia and  even Spain!! 
  12. OMG There were so many people! The Chatrooms on WatchParty.TV were so crowded that they had to add 2 more rooms! But the servers at WatchParty.TV still went down for a few minutes.