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Museokeskus tarjoaa erilaisia mahdollisuuksia kokea Turku. Kannustamme uteliaisuuteen ja innostumme yhdessä menneisyyden, nykyisyyden ja tulevaisuuden Turusta.


ACTS 4:12 KJV 🙏🏿 Insta: _Karasworld Snap & Blog : https://t.co/emLsQ0yyrM lastest videos 👇🏾💓

J. Inverso⌘

Educator/Technology Integration Specialist & Instructional Coach

Arun Singh

Site Reliability Engineering | Researcher & Entrepreneur

Lianna Salva

Educator, Journalist, Theatre lover. @ColoradoStateU & @CollegianC alumni. @HoyaJournalism Student.


Based off my retweets, you'd think I'm a 12-year-old boy... Like, that's false, but honestly I don't have any selfies to defend myself so believe what you want~


👁•Look, look deeply •

Jacquie Findlay

HR professional, self employed. Aim to help people in organisations achieve more than they thought whilst having fun along the way.


Founder: @NotInMyColour. Co-host of @badandbitchy podcast. Economist. Retired blogger. Opinionated Slick Talker. Sassy Style Stalker. #StayBitchy #NotInMyColour

Luis Toxtli

Jessie Dotson

K2 ✴️ Exoplanets ✴️ Stars ✴️ Asteroids

Fan of many things. Can be found shamefully procrastinating. Love all things Marvel, especially MCU!

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