Declan Arthur

#Marketing / #Media Specialist focussing on the #NGO sector #SME's


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Chelsea Baer

Journalism SDSU, Enthusiast

Salvatore Christlieb

Journalism Student and Boxer


When a prospect contacts you online, they don’t want a response tomorrow; they want one today. Actually, they want it in 60 seconds or less. To have any shot at connecting and converting a lead, you have to be fast -- really fast. Why? Because the odds of speaking with a lead if you call back within one minute increase 500%. However, most web inquiries aren’t responded to promptly, if at all.

Milber Champutiz B.

WorldVision Advocacy

God calls us to use our voices to amplify those of the poor and marginalized. Join @WorldVisionUSA's Advocate Network to seek justice for the world's children.

Bouvier Wilson

Just another BlackMan making it happen, in my space of the World. How people treat you is their Karma; How you react is yours.

Georgia Papadopoulou

ramonita coconut

acuarian 100% twitterLOVER 1000%, 1000% democrat, hate routine, love change and movement,believe in freedom,GOD Believer.Dogs & Cats helper.

Roberto dos Santos G

Architect - Glass and Ceramic Sculptor


Lover of maps, languages, and cultures; seeker of truth, virtue, and the perfect meal.

Coaching Gender and Sex

writer researcher digital archivist university professorial lecturer advocate for gender equality and empowerment of women and girls within context of Sustainable Development Goals: jobs rich inclusive economic growth, universal health care, education for all girls and boys in literacy and numeracy, social inclusion specially PWDs and minorities, political expansion in leadership and teams

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