Nevena Hristozova

Molecular biologist, science communicator&podcaster, environmentalist, GMO-pro, stand up comedian.


The official account of International & Foreign Language Education, Office of Postsecondary Education, U.S. Dept. of ED. RTs aren't endorsements.


Jean-Edouard Laffite

Occupation: Investment Banking ( Valuation consulting ) . My interests: Golf, sailing, computing, cinema, travel, photography, video, reading and hiking ...

Katie W

Passionate educator. Food, gender, culture, cookbooks, literature. All things Lowcountry and Gullah. WMST PhD.


Nick is a tech monk working as a Sr. Content Marketing Executive at WebbyMonks. He loves to explore cutting edge technology and share his write-ups through this blog. An avid learner, WordPress lover, passionate technology enthusiasts, and interested in everything tech. While not writing for technology you can find him fishing, shooting with camera, and brewing more filter coffee. On a lighter note, he is here to learn, explore, and overcome technology while falling in love with the tiny nonsense of daily life.

Felix Davila III

MLIS candidate, SJSU Spartans. Tweets/opinions my own. #books #boricua #HBCUalum #writer #busybody #technophile

learning all the time: museum geek, wanderer, usually hungry.

JESS Science

Official channel for the Science Department at @JESS_Secondary

Andrea Baden

Assistant Professor, Hunter College - CUNY. Primate behaviorist // Molecular ecologist //Travel junkie // Foodie // Mommy

Marco Pagot

Boricua. Estudiante. Catador de bacon y jugo de parcha. Denme una cámara y soy feliz.

Spatial Planning, Regional Development, European Policies

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Laura Boast