Barbara Kramer


PR professional & Animal Lover

Maggie Ansell

Information Professional who just wants to organize everything. Particularly hockey.

Irina Bratu

This is my life now.

Brian Fillmore

media consumer and aficionado

Kellea Tibbs

I Blog About: #30andOverProject #cookbookreviews #poetry #Fitness #HigherEd, I'm an #AKA #KentStateAlumni #EventPlanner #SocialJusticeAdvocate


Research facility at Arizona State University working to improve health, protect lives and sustain our planet.


Waar jy GRAADKRY met lekkerkry KLAARKRY / 'n RAAKVAT-GRAAD wat WêRELDWYD saak maak!

Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences encompassing Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Observatory & Discovery Centre. We love design, science, engineering & technology.

Christian Albrecht

Aviation, Defense, Innovation,Technology, Science Primary Aircraft: @Sikorsky CH-53

Short, middle-aged Englishwoman; bizarre sense of humour. Ms Maisie Cat's typist (@cat_maisie).

Best Jupiter Chiropr

Gards Flores

Just your average post-industrial info/creative worker bee. Digs SoLoMo, Open Data, cultural & media studies, critical geo, Lego & photography

Linda Barnett

Stéphane Berney