Wael Neili

Green Eggs & Ham

MSW/JD Candidate at USC, Certified Sommelier, Underdog, Skeptic, Change-Maker, and hopeful the U.S. doesn't pull the Trump card!

Harry Coffill

Educator-Raconteur-N'er do well

Passionate, articulate, resilient, endearing, charismatic, considerate, responsible, reliable, driven, outgoing, funny

Meghan Mullins

@GWMuseumStudies Graduate Student. Collections Steward. Purveyor of Accessibilty. Digitially-minded. Proud @miamiuniversity Alumna. Views my own.

Marie M-Rodriguez

Social Media/Brand Management. Striving for #excellence, not #perfection - also #beer. Tweets reflect my opinion.

Tema Smith

Tweets on Jew-ish identity, #MixedKidProblems, #Holocaust memory. @BigTentJudaism Affiliate; @BecholLashon TO; Community Engagement @HolyBlossom. Views mine etc

hussein mahdi


standardista, fronteer, pottymouthed, lame-oh.

Museu de la Música

Museu d'instruments, documents i manuscrits musicals, fons sonor (78rpm, rotlles de pianola, cilindres de cera) Instagram: @museumusicabcn


An interested party. (Retweets and follows ≠ endorsement; follows for perspective.)

John Finger

Former big-city sportswriter turned guitar player, writer.

I quit doing hair to study journalism and be a writer. In other words: I can't afford it right now.


Creater/founder/comptroller/ceo/retired more than 10+/owner more than 10+ of Eethg. Corps. Inc. https://t.co/et6sU3Ljne…