George Saadian

George Saadian is the Founder and President of The Fire Protection Group Inc.

Ricc Ferrante

Digital Services Director & Information Technology Archivist at Smithsonian Institution Archives/Thoughts my own

Boloutare Doubeni


The Naval Historical Foundation preserves and honors the legacy of those who came before us. We educate and inspire the generations who will follow.

Sarasota Memorial

We're an 819-bed community-owned & operated health care system that's been serving the region since 1925. 941-917-9000.

Boston Globe Ideas

We report on ideas, people, books, and trends shaking up the intellectual world. Also on Facebook at Main curator: @NRHSJax

Amanda dT Wallace

Barbara McKinzie

A finance professional known to develop visions and introduce strategic initiatives that improve competitive performance.

Arijit Bera

Grad student (PhD) of painting, indie films; adore unconventional people; strive to CREATE something elegant; love the unexpected !!

Lily Shackleton

This courageous woman has large black eyes that are like two spheres of night-black marble.. Her thick, wavy, amber hair is neck-length .

mama bear and science education zealot, living one moment at a time

Karina Taboelle

Emprendimiento • Diseño • Mercadeo • Liderazgo y Gerencia • Project Manager en formación | ¡Bookaholic! | Instagram: @karinataboelle

Richard Lewis

Paul Cantrell

What do you want to do with your life? There’s no place like

Nwachinemere Emeka

Business is a game I play; People are my passion; Money is just a tool I use. My drive; deploy skills and tech benefits all!