For all we know

Luis Puerto

An eager mind with infinite curiosity to explore Universe. Independence is my happiness... my country is the world and my religion is to do good -Thomas Paine

mohamed elghoroury

Carlo Biancardi

Biomechanist, Physiologist, Zoologist. Animal & Human Locomotion. Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles and... amazing Spiders

Gloria Getty

Erstwhile English teacher. Love husband daughter literature art ideas culture media travel gardens & dogs Loathe injustice including my own lousy health.

Patrick Derocher

@CityGOP Policy Director, Upstate American. Never Trump, but like for real.

Jacinta Sutton

QANZAC Project Officer at State Library of Queensland //12th ALHF 7-8 July 16// Life's a garden, dig it. RTs and ❤️ ≠ endorsements.

Jamie Lynne Myer

educator, history, gifted population advocate, tutor, speaker, writer, board member, student, paralegal, grant writer, amateur archaeologist, army veteran

Paul Maurizio

Advocating for prevention, treatment & elimination of neglected tropical diseases. #EndNTDs

Lexi Beausoleil

Steve Smith

Dad, friend, seeker, writer, life-long learner working to be more mindful, more present, more kind. Open heart, open mind, open book.

Unit X

Unit X is a 10-week project spanning Media, Art and Design undergraduate courses at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Abby Richardson

I'm a pretty open book. I believe in kindness... and mischief. Plan to see the world, find adventure, and never stop learning.

Arnaud Vicari

Science & Technology. Fields: Astro & Space-Neuro-Soft-Electro // Go ahead -- Go further. Think Global