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Types of Daycare Insurance

It was the first to bring out the Skillful Liability Insurance. When it comes to Childcare Insurance, it serves as the leading limelight for the organizations to follow.


  1. Owning and operating your own day care facility is not the piece of cake many people think it is. After all, the only thing you do is play with kids all day long, right? Yeah, right. But when it comes to the

    possibility of a child being injured or causing damage while they are in your care, those are matters that most people don't even dream of, yet as a day care facility owner you know they can happen, and it's best to be protected.


    Unfortunately, most day care facility owners believe that they carry adequate protection under their homeowners insurance policy. This is not the case. Further, most insurance companies insist that a business in the home be insured under a different rider to the original homeowner policy before it covers anything having to do with the facility.


    Licensed Facilities


    If you are operating a licensed day care facility you will probably have to purchase a business policy to make sure you are covered. The trouble with many policies is that they do not offer protection against child abuse. It's for this reason that it is a good idea to purchase a separate child care facility policy.


    It is also important to remember that accidents don't just happen to children. If you supervise employees in your center, they should also be protected against accidental injury. Fortunately, many policies cover these employees.


    Liability and Child Care Facility Coverage


    Most home owner policies cover you and your day care facility, but do not provide coverage for child abuse. A general liability insurance policy will cover you for a child care facility in the home. It also provides for coverage for field trips and child abuse at no additional charge.


    Professional Liability


    Perhaps the best coverage you can buy for a child day care facility is professional liability. Under this type of insurance you are assured the highest possible coverage within a home day care policy. Besides

    the general coverage offered by this type of policy, there is coverage for general negligence and child abuse.


    Other types of coverage offered by this type of policy includes between $ 25,000 and $ 100,000 for child abuse, personal injury, and swimming pool accidents, whether the pools are on the grounds of the facility or off, medical expenses, and others.


    Insurance coverage for any of these types of incidents is never something that is easy to think about, but he issues are there, and it's better to be safe than sorry. Your future and that of your business can depend on it.



    We typically frown on unlicensed facilities so we don’t really want to advertise that. Also Errors and Omissions Coverage is the same as a professional liability insurance coverage. And the child abuse

    limit is between $25,000 - $100,000. However the child abuse is an extra endorsement that is not included in any liability policy.


    Day Care Insurance Services is the egregious grouping that is a pioneer in providing insurance services. It was the first to bring out the Skillful Liability Insurance.